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  • Groovy and Grails for rapid web application development
  • Fixed price agile software development
  • Use of technology in classrooms – An Infographic
  • How to accelerate product launch through MVP?
  • 4 pointers for creating modern mobile apps

Groovy and Grails for rapid web application development

Groovy Grails web app development Developing an application that can run from anywhere, anytime is simply amazing. For web application development, Java platform brings more power. Java API and its plethora of frameworks & libraries make it feasible to include almost any feature one would want in a web application. With most Java-based Read more [...]

Fixed price agile software development

Agile contracts Fixed price contracts are often considered very harmful and many agile adopters say that we should simply avoid them. But most of the time they cannot be avoided, so we need to find ways to make them work for the goal we have, which is building valuable quality software. The only thing that actually Read more [...]

Use of technology in classrooms – An Infographic

educational technology Technology has changed the way learning happens in the classroom. This infographic discusses how educational technology is becoming an integral part in the classrooms. Read more [...]

How to accelerate product launch through MVP?

MVP Approach Why business idea validation is important before starting the full development? How can you make a product that is user centric? Check out the infographic to see what an MVP is all about and how it offers early & better ROI. Share Read more [...]

4 pointers for creating modern mobile apps

mobile-app-development   Mobile technologies are evolving constantly and drastically...   This makes designing for mobile platforms a constant challenge. To tap the opportunities of this dynamic area, and to stay ahead of your competition, here are some aspects to keep in mind: 1. One approach does not Read more [...]

10 tips to offshore agile development

Distributed Teams “You cannot offshore agile development” This is one of the most common misconceptions about agile There are many reasons companies avoid off-shoring their agile development, some of them being : They have tried offshoring with classic partners before and failed They believe highly complex Read more [...]

Impact of ICT on Education Industry

Impact of ICT on Education I remember when someone spoke about technology around the early 1990s all I could think was of standalone applications that helped us in maintaining data. As things are progressing everything has become interconnected and with the help of latest technology we can learn anything everything on the go. Read more [...]

Why do you need Sprint 0?

Sprint 0 “Give us the project and we will start developing it from day 1”. This sounds great, business value at its best - doesn’t it? If ‘Start of the project’ to you is defined as “we have our team ready, give me the prioritized backlog, we’ll estimate so we can start developing”, then you Read more [...]

Technology trends shaping the Education Industry

92c3523de61d06eebdc515f2babb64b9_XL The disruptive technology in education has fundamentally transformed the education sector by replacing expensive, complicated and inaccessible products or services with much less expensive, simpler and more convenient alternatives. Technology has resulted into a blended approach to education which refers Read more [...]

Mobility Trends for the year 2014

Mobile-Application-Development Global mobility software revenues including BYOD enabling applications has been estimated at over USD 200 billion with a 15% CAGR between 2010 to 2020 by Frost and Sullivan. The growing importance of mobility across enterprise and SMBs create several untapped and unexplored opportunities for both organisations Read more [...]