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Featured articles

  • .Net joins the league of open source tools
  • Agile game series – Kanban pizza game
  • Agile game series – Speed Boat
  • How to do user story estimation: point-wise or hourly?
  • The rise of technology in healthcare

.Net joins the league of open source tools

microsoft Satya Nadella, Microsoft's CEO announced that .Net programming tools will be available in an open source model to compete with rival technologies. Since the time Nadella became CEO, he has already put Microsoft office onto Android-based tablets and Apple's mobile gadgets. The company is also planning Read more [...]

Agile game series – Kanban pizza game

Agile transformation, agile games, pizza kanban agile game Understand what Kanban is and practice some lean concepts in a safe environment outside of your daily work by playing the Kanban Pizza Game Things required for the game: Post-Its in three colors for each team White sheets so that you can draw tomato sauce on them Red markers for each team Scissors Read more [...]

Agile game series – Speed Boat

agility game speed boat To conduct agile or UX workshops, “speed boat”is one of the most popular innovation game. It helps us in understanding & identifying features or problems that hold us back but in a fun way. Philosophy of speed boat not only applies for our projects, products or teams. The same can also help us Read more [...]

How to do user story estimation: point-wise or hourly?

scrum meeting Off late, there has been some confusion over the practice of user story estimation at sprint level. The ambiguity is whether to use story points or do an hourly mapping. Let’s explore the ideal practice for user story estimation. Story points and hours are two very different concepts.   What Read more [...]

The rise of technology in healthcare

technology usage in healthcare Technological breakthroughs are revolutionizing the way healthcare is being delivered. This infographic talks about the rise in demand of technology in the healthcare industry, why non traditional industries are entering this domain and how HealthTech startups are getting funding for the same. Read more [...]

Groovy and Grails for rapid web application development

Groovy Grails web app development Developing an application that can run from anywhere, anytime is simply amazing. For web application development, Java platform brings more power. Java API and its plethora of frameworks & libraries make it feasible to include almost any feature one would want in a web application. With most Java-based Read more [...]

Fixed price agile software development

Agile contracts Fixed price contracts are often considered very harmful and many agile adopters say that we should simply avoid them. But most of the time they cannot be avoided, so we need to find ways to make them work for the goal we have, which is building valuable quality software. The only thing that actually Read more [...]

Use of technology in classrooms – An Infographic

educational technology Technology has changed the way learning happens in the classroom. This infographic discusses how educational technology is becoming an integral part in the classrooms. Read more [...]

How to accelerate product launch through MVP?

MVP Approach Why business idea validation is important before starting the full development? How can you make a product that is user centric? Check out the infographic to see what an MVP is all about and how it offers early & better ROI. Share Read more [...]

4 pointers for creating modern mobile apps

mobile-app-development   Mobile technologies are evolving constantly and drastically...   This makes designing for mobile platforms a constant challenge. To tap the opportunities of this dynamic area, and to stay ahead of your competition, here are some aspects to keep in mind: 1. One approach does not Read more [...]