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  • Impact of ICT on Education Industry
  • Why do you need Sprint 0?
  • Technology trends shaping the Education Industry
  • Mobility Trends for the year 2014
  • Breaking the Common UX Myths

Impact of ICT on Education Industry

Impact of ICT on Education I remember when someone spoke about technology around the early 1990s all I could think was of standalone applications that helped us in maintaining data. As things are progressing everything has become interconnected and with the help of latest technology we can learn anything everything on the go. Read more [...]

Why do you need Sprint 0?

Sprint 0 “Give us the project and we will start developing it from day 1”. This sounds great, business value at its best - doesn’t it? If ‘Start of the project’ to you is defined as “we have our team ready, give me the prioritized backlog, we’ll estimate so we can start developing”, then you Read more [...]

Technology trends shaping the Education Industry

92c3523de61d06eebdc515f2babb64b9_XL The disruptive technology in education has fundamentally transformed the education sector by replacing expensive, complicated and inaccessible products or services with much less expensive, simpler and more convenient alternatives. Technology has resulted into a blended approach to education which refers Read more [...]

Mobility Trends for the year 2014

Mobile-Application-Development Global mobility software revenues including BYOD enabling applications has been estimated at over USD 200 billion with a 15% CAGR between 2010 to 2020 by Frost and Sullivan. The growing importance of mobility across enterprise and SMBs create several untapped and unexplored opportunities for both organisations Read more [...]

Breaking the Common UX Myths

user experience design User experience, its concepts and the term UX has become seemingly ubiquitous in the workplace, still most people do not have a clear idea about it and live in a bubble that is full of myths. Let us look at some of the common UX myths, and how they are proven to be false. Myth 1: One size fits all The Read more [...]

Are you on Cloud?

SaaS Cloud Enablement Cloud computing is all the rage. "It's become the phrase du jour," says Gartner's senior analyst Ben Pring, echoing many of his peers. The rise of the Internet, increasing bandwidth at the desktop and on the backbone, the movement towards outsourcing, the development of a service oriented architecture Read more [...]

6 Reasons you should use Ruby on Rails for your Web Development

rails Ruby on Rails has become the framework of choice for a growing number of developers who favor lean startup and easy-to-read code. We have already read all the characteristics and advantages of Ruby in Ruby on Rails – The Popular platform for web development. Yes, Rails is cool and the next awesome Read more [...]

How is agile delivery possible from remote locations?

Whitepaper “Yes, we have heard of agile delivery and also that it does not work from remote locations”. This is the most common question that arises in a product owner’s mind before planning for offshore product development. One of the major concerns for product owners is co-location vs. distributed teams Read more [...]

Groovy & Grails – 30% faster Web App Development

Ruby vs Groovy So, you want to develop a web application for your business in the least lead time and also monetize it faster? And you are discovering the right web application development framework? There are many factors contributing to shorter lead time right from the idea conception to idea implementation, the Read more [...]

How to gain 40% speed for your product through Lean Startup ?

LeanStartupProductDevelopmentHandbook Competition is fierce; product life cycle is shrinking; the pressure to launch your product is tremendous! The major questions that worry CEOs, Product Marketers and Product Mangers are: How do you take a complex product to the market in a matter of weeks ? How do you get quick feedback from your Read more [...]